Vietnamese Culture offers a panoramic view of a long-time unique culture from the prehistoric to the innovation and integration period of a country rising from the ruins of war destruction. The blend of Southeast Asian traditional beauty and Western modern style put on it a charm and mystery. Open your eyes to learn, to experience and to be entered into an own distinctive space of the Southeast Asian subculture.

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Cambodia & Where to Get Them

Best Souvenirs to Buy in Cambodia & Where to Get Them Many travelers hesitate to choose souvenirs when visiting the kingdom of wonder – Cambodia. Consider some suggestions for the best things to buy with hope to perfect your Cambodia trips. Best Things to Buy in Cambodia Krama – Checkered Scarf: An Indispensable Gift This truly Cambodia gift is made from …


Dong Ho Painting In Vietnam

Dong Ho Painting In Vietnam Dong Ho Painting or its full name Dong Ho folk woodcut painting is a genre of Vietnamese folk painting, dated back from over 300 years ago at Dong Ho village, Dong Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh province. It was a must-have thing that the Vietnamese people brought in their Tet Holiday, hung up …


Vietnamese Silk Painting

Vietnamese Silk Painting Vietnamese traditional silk painting has early appeared when the old generations desired to record stories, legends or all things in their daily life. The oldest preserved painting was from the 15th century – Portrait of Nguyen Trai. Besides, several surviving silk paintings are still now displayed such as portraits of Phung Khac Khoan, Trinh Dinh Kien, Phan …


The Most Basic Social Etiquettes in Vietnam

The Most Basic Social Etiquettes in Vietnam Get rid of the long-lasting disastrous wars, Vietnam is well known as an “easy” country to travel and stay in. Hence, tourists can be overwhelmed by its richness in history and culture. Being impacted byConfucianism, the Vietnamese pay much attention to social etiquette. We’ve listed out some popular social etiquettes that you should …






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